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Overcoming sales resistance

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 6 PM

In the world of Internet marketing, it's sometimes too easy to overlook the nuts and bolts of the sales process while talking about grand plans and strategies. When it comes down to it, you are in the business of selling, and if you can't close the deal, then it really doesn't matter how many leads you generate.

So, today we're going to step out of the SEO mindset for a couple days and get back to the basics: good, old-fashioned sales techniques.

We'll begin the first installment talking about some more basic aspect of selling in negotiations, and move on to slightly riskier strategies in our next blog.

Selling For Fun And Profit

#1 - Identifying Sales Resistance

You need to be able to "read" your lead and tell just how interested they really are in your products.

First, If at all possible, do business face-to-face. Reading the opposite party in negotiations is practically impossible over a text-based format. Use voice if you simply cannot be in the same room, but really, do whatever you can to get in the room.

Also, basic listening skills apply. Don't be so focused on your pitch that you overlook things they flat-out tell you. In general, anything they say that isn't entirely positive is likely a bit of sales resistance that you'll need to address along the way.

However, perhaps the most important elements when selling to someone are their non-verbal cues. This is why it's so helpful to be face-to-face with them. Here are a few things to watch for:

  • "Distancing," such as moving away from you whenever you move closer to them. This is a basic sign of non-trust.

  • Crossing their arms or legs. In many people, this is a subconscious action that also suggests a lack of trust or insecurity.

  • Not looking you in the eye when they speak is often a sign of a falsehood, but some practiced liars will also look you in the eye too much, or too intently.

  • While this is not true for all people or at all times, people will often involuntarily look up and to the left when inventing an answer, but look to the right when honestly recalling something.

  • Watch for the blush response and sweating as well, both signs of stress.

Sales resistance arms folded

#2 - Bring the point of resistance into the conversation.

When you or the client brings up a point and any of the above occur, there's a very good chance that's going to be a point of sales resistance. In general, the next step is simply to try to bring up the point of contention, in a fairly natural conversational fashion, where you can address it logically.

This could be as simple as, "I noticed you crossed your arms when we were talking about our proposed marketing strategy. Let's talk about strategies that will make you happy."

Some people, however, tend to get uncomfortable if they think you're trying to read their minds. Be careful about overusing this technique. When possible, it's better if you can find a gambit that allows you to bring the topic up without specifically referring to their body language.


In short, when selling, the best way to overcome sales resistance is to get their worries out in the open, where you can address them. Learn to read body language to pick up on points of contention, then bring them into the discussion so you can get specifics on their objection.

That's it for today. Tune in next blog for some more advanced gambits for getting past the shields of more defensive customers.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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