Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the deciding factor in team building. Anita Woolley’s research with 697 volunteers found the following three traits to be the most important to high functioning groups.

Communicate a Lot
An information vacuum breeds worry. Eons of being wary of predators gives the human psyche a negative bias to look for trouble. Constant communication is vital to keeping

Participate Equally
The number one most destructive communication pattern is for one person to talk down to another. Today’s trend toward open communication between ranks inoculates against this malady and takes advantage of “Group Mind,” a source of insight, knowledge and the power of personal buy-in.

Read Emotions
We are social creatures driven by emotion. Teams that succeed are good at reading each other and tending to relationships. When repair is needed it is best done early after any trespass.

Top leaders are tough when necessary and work hard to work hard to make sure relationships are put front and center. One good way to do this is aarticulate values and then hire off of these traits first and foremost. Talent, skill and expertise come in a definite second. 

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