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 Every business needs a simple and reliable way to get customers in the door. Jeffrey helps you with each phase of your marketing and sales: lead generation, prospect nurturing, structuring your offer, closing deals, and after the sale client retention. Jeffrey specializes in small businesses, solo-prenuers, coaches and consultants. Choose the level that is right for you!

Three levels to choose from:

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You need a roadmap and can take it from there

Get expert help in creating a simple sales and marketing plan for your business. Includes prep-time, one after meeting call and a one hour in person Zoom session.

1 Hour Session


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Should you decide to upgrade later you will pay an additional $4,750.

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Double your sales in 90 day marketing makeover 

You have a vision of what your business could be with the right marketing plan. You are aware that you are losing significant money every day you don't have this plan.

90 Days Coaching / Mentoring


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Should you decide to upgrade later take $500 off your first monthly payment.

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You want a sales plan to scale your business

Now that you have an engine for sales and marketing what will you do with it? You can either run it on low, and have a nice lifestyle business, or you can rev it up to really grow.

One Year Program 

$2,250 per month

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Should you decide to more time is needed the charge will be $200 per hour.

Commit to Growth

What Clients Say


“This process has produced huge dividends for our company…sales, marketing, operations, customer service and employee satisfaction have all benefited from our sessions with Jeffrey.”

John Parry Owner, Solar Works

“Jeffrey, I learned more marketing in one hour with you than I have in 20 years of doing business. Thanks for a great seminar!”

Alejandro R. Torres Potting Shed Publishing

“Jeffrey helped me turn around a potential client I thought I had lost. The prospect seemed ready to schedule, but then hesitated. After some great coaching from Jeffrey, I called my prospect back and closed the deal. Jeffrey helped me recognize the buying cues I had missed – gave me several ways that I am comfortable with — to bring potential clients on board in the future.”

Richard Feather Anderson American School of Geomancy
Rebecca Nicholls CLONE-CircleWEB

“I came away feeling more confident about my new sales position. Jeffrey is very approachable. I feel enriched from being in his seminar. I liked the opportunity to clarify my approach with words and tone and felt very engaged all morning.”

Rebecca Nichols Realtor  
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
Jeff Rooney Head-Blue copy

“My work with Jeffrey was focussed on building a sales process. He provided fabulous to-do lists and consulting. The result was my sales doubled! He's a great marketing and sales consultant” 

Jeff Rooney 
Empowered Body Solutions

“I love Jeffrey. He has been a counselor and coach for personal development for years. With his wide range of experience and skill in personal coaching, personable style and professionalism, I would always recommend him and I know you will enjoy working with him.”
Greg Proefrock Architect


“I have experienced a major increase in my confidence to pursue new personal ambitions and attain higher professional goals thanks to Jeffery Schmidt! His background in Eastern philosophy and Western business practices enables him to communicate in ways that are simple to understand, yet deep and powerful.”
William Hazelwood President, Sojourna Productions

In a world of complexity the simpler you make your message the better. Jeffrey helps you get the words and the tone right each step of the way.

DeepSky Tools 

Business Checklist 
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Digital Marketing Book

Marketing Checklist
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Sales Checklist
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Customer Checklist
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