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Inner Compass Training


To become fluent in the language(s) of instinct, intuition and connection with source so you have access to information and insight you cannot get anywhere else.


Attendance in A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts seminar or a personal session with Jeffrey to determine compatibility.

You’re already getting insights and want more

Choose this option if you’ve done considerable personal growth, are already getting insights, and you have a sense you need just a little help to solidify your connection with instincts and source.

Six Sessions


The length of a session is up to one hour and thirty minutes.

Should you decide to upgrade later you will pay an additional $1,200.

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Make sure you can read your inner compass

You see the benefits of accessing information and insights for yourself and your business by nontraditional means and you recognize this offer as a bargain at twice the price.

12 Sessions


The length of a session is up to one hour and thirty minutes.

Should you decide to upgrade later we will negotiate a fee satisfactory to all.

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Professional Growth for Teams and Executives

Choose this plan if you want your gut instincts work to relate to a team or if you’d like to highlight one or more specific areas of your business.

  • Suggested Topics
  • Executive development and training for your team
  • Your core message and branding communication
  • Sales and marketing round table trainings
  • Relationship sales training
  • Customer service training

Number of Sessions
and Investment TBD

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What Clients Say


“This process has produced huge dividends for our company…sales, marketing, operations, customer service and employee satisfaction have all benefited from our sessions with Jeffrey.”

John Parry Owner, Solar Works

“Jeffrey, I learned more marketing in one hour with you than I have in 20 years of doing business. Thanks for a great seminar!”

Alejandro R. Torres Potting Shed Publishing

“I love Jeffrey. He has been a counselor and coach for personal development for years. With his wide range of experience and skill in personal coaching, personable style and professionalism, I would always recommend him and I know you will enjoy working with him.”

Greg Proefrock Architect

“Jeffrey helped me turn around a potential client I thought I had lost. The prospect seemed ready to schedule, but then hesitated. After some great coaching from Jeffrey, I called my prospect back and closed the deal. Jeffrey helped me recognize the buying cues I had missed – gave me several ways that I am comfortable with — to bring potential clients on board in the future.”

Richard Feather Anderson American School of Geomancy

“I have experienced a major increase in my confidence to pursue new personal ambitions and attain higher professional goals thanks to Jeffery Schmidt! His background in Eastern philosophy and Western business practices enables him to communicate in ways that are simple to understand, yet deep and powerful.”

William Hazelwood President, Sojourna Productions

Inner Compass Training is a personal science project with your inner world as the laboratory.

Learning to trust your gut instincts is the number one thing you can do to make your life better in every way you can imagine. The one thing you already know about getting there is: the lesson plan is inside you!