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Free Zoom Seminar
Monday, June 5 at 12 NOON PT
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Close sales with heartfelt and intuitive marketing

Take a tip from Steve Jobs: 
“Have the courage to follow your 
heart and intuition.”

Add heart and intuition to your marketing
The latest science confirms that people make heart-based decisions and justify them with logic. This seminar helps you develop the discipline of reaching out to people with a marketing message that does two things: 1) it speaks to how you can help people 2) it uses a heartfelt voice people can naturally relate with and gravitate toward. 

Create a marketing message that speaks
to the interests of your potential clients

• Identify the people you can help most
• Learn three ways to find out what these people want
• Discover the four essential steps of marketing messaging

Create communication that sticks by developing your heartfelt innocence and intuition   

Attitude: Think that you can sharpen your intuitive gifts
Process: Learn a three step process to connect with your intuitive powers
Connect: Create a core marketing message of respect, innocence, and absolute surety you can help people
Discover: The four pathways to intuitive knowledge

Attract leads across ALL sales channels:
Digital: search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, PR, affiliate selling
Traditional: Print and broadcast advertising, direct mail, PR, public speaking, events, networking, joint ventures

Free Seminar 

Live via Zoom
Monday, June 5 at 12 NOON PT
Sign up here: INTUITION