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Put some MAGIC into your Business with the Steve Jobs Effect 
When you plug the Steve Jobs Effect into ordinary activities like planning your day, generating leads, communicating with clients, closing sales and keeping an eye on key performance numbers you elevate them into a quantum probability field of potential miracles. Lots of small miracles make big things happen!

Free Seminar 

Live via Zoom
Thursday, August 18 at 10 AM PT
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A Course in Trusting Inner Wisdom
Your intellect is a powerhouse. It's like having a program suite on your computer like Microsoft or Adobe. These applications allow you to do amazing things.

Your inner wisdom is like being connected to the internet. All of a sudden infinite possibilities open up. This class provides instructions on how to tune in and turn on. 

Take this class if you want to raise your inner game to get more of what you want in life. This class is for you if you have the sense you are running at half speed in your life and business. When you get better at accessing your inner wisdom you'll be amazed at what life looks like.  

Time, TBD
(View the recording if you can't make the live date.)

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