Manage Your Business

The list below indicates the six areas most business consultants think of when they talk about helping people manage their business. This list has one additional area most people leave out: the quantum probabilities associated with coming into relationship with your Higher Power.  

Use EVERY tool available to help build your business!

Where are you now; where are you going; and then getting very detailed about HOW are you going to get there.

Inhabit each present moment to take actions that bring you success and then allow this to rub off on others — they are watching!

Develop your ability speak to the problems your clients are facing and then articulate these issues at least as well as than they can.

Set up the right kind of relationships with your clients: you’re shooting for two-sided respect, mutual gain and joy.

Client Retention
Once you get a client make sure you make that person HAPPY! Then create procedures that systematize this all-important function.

Track Key Numbers
My favorites are: How much does is cost you to make a sale, fulfill your promises and provide for the daily operation of your business? Weigh this against the average life value of one of your clients.

Quantum Know-how
This is also known as the Steve Jobs Effect, the placebo effect  or you can call it the Grace of your Higher Power. There is simply too much evidence for any logical mind to ignore this aspect of your business any longer.

Jeffrey Schmidt is a business building pro experienced in the six traditional areas of growing businesses. He can also help you access the seventh major way to grow your business: refusing to buy into limiting narratives; connecting with your Higher Self and/or accessing The Steve Jobs Effect in yourself.

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