Build a Simple Sales Plan

We all know we need to generate leads, nurture them, and then close and service our clients. Most of us don’t realize how big an advantage we gain when we map out and formalize this process. Some people call this flowcharting — whatever the name, it is a powerful practice.

Let me give you some history about why process mapping is important: The Kurlan and Associates sales-training company has evaluated more than 8500 businesses. When they asked these businesses if they had a formal sales process or system in place, 91% of them said NO.

A formal sales process goes beyond a loose idea of daily tasks and target goals; it is a detailed, mapped-out, systematic, step-by-step approach to selling that 91% of your competitors do not have. Here are a few of the powerful advantages you gain when you map your sales process.

1) You will be prepared for all the situations you might encounter when selling.

2) You will be able to identify potential problems and bottlenecks.

3) It will be harder to get off track because the entire process exists to do one thing — SELL.

4) By tracking and reporting key performance indicators, you will get smarter over time by testing each step of the process.

5) Systems are replicable and scalable.

Systems produce consistent results and make your company more valuable overall but especially for any exit strategies you may have.

If you’ve mapped out your marketing and sales process, you already have a big advantage over most of your competitors! If not, let’s talk about how you can get there. Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your marketing and sales process.