Reputation Management

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.”
This is a quote from Tiffani Bova who is the Vice President of one of the worlds biggest and most respected marketing research firms: Gartner Research. The level of customer experience you provide to your clients will shape your reputation in the marketplace.

New Competitive Battleground

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online sales presence your prospective clients have the ability to check your online reviews, and they will compare them with your competitors. Comparing reviews is a fast and easy way for your prospective clients to narrow the field. Reputation management is critical to making sure you remain in the field of contenders after the first cut.

Plan to Delight
Managing your reputation will also form a whole new sales funnel for your company. When you delight your clients they will give you good reviews, personal referrals and word of mouth advertising. This is best executed by making a plan to target customers that will 
naturally be delighted with you and your product. After that you need to work your plan to keep people smiling.

Across All Forms of Marketing
Your reputation is a bellwether for the health of your business. It encompasses all forms of marketing and will help you attract customers to your physical address or website. Reputation management will help you gain clients by means of search engines, social media, affiliate marketing or traditional forms of marketing such as PR, public speaking, events, advertising and more.

In many cases your reputation is the first thing people will know about your company. This important first impression will be carried in your clients' heads and hearts until something big happens to change that perspective. Make their first view of you a good one.

If you are planning an Internet marketing campaign the reviews people see online will either attract or deflect customers from coming your way. Call DeepSky Marketing today for a free consultation to evaluate your company’s reputation management.