Build a Simple Marketing Plan

A survey of 3,600 small businesses found that 91% did not have a systematic form of selling (Kurlan). Here's how to start building your marketing plan:

What do you have that people want and how do you explain it? Most business owners do not have an "elevator pitch." If people don't know you can help them they'll have a hard time buying from you. Use this four-step process for marketing communication:

• Articulate your client's problem
• Offer them a solution
• Build your case with facts
• Offer a way for people to take one small step toward you

Who are you going to help with your product or service? Treat each person as a special individual — because they are. Limit your use of words and phrases like Avatar or Target Audience because this dehumanizes. Find out who these people are and what you have in common with them; use this information for connection. 

Where do you find the people you can help? This is a classic "lead generation" task. Below are the four major categories for generating connection with people. Choose the venues you are good at, where your people live and with an eye for lowest cost per closed sale.

Outbound Marketing
(Traditional ads - print/broadcast/digital, direct mail, cold calling)

Inbound Marketing
(Search engines, Social Media, Yellow Pages, Reputation)

(In-person events, Social Media)

Halo Marketing
(PR and Educational Events. Referrals, Joint Ventures, Alliances)

Steve Jobs: "People can tell if you are in it just to make a buck." Markets are shifting. People want more from the companies they do business with. 84% of Millennials want to do business with people who share their values. Bring Higher Purpose into your business for your success and to do right thing. People want a great product or service and they want more — give it to them!

Now. There is not a moment to lose. Make your business into a force for good in this world and you will reap the rewards. 

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