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How to structure your all-important offer! (in 90 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Tue, Apr 13, 2021 @ 6 PM


Your offer is the entry point into the sales process. A good offer sets up success; a lackluster one doesn’t. Here are best practices:

A good offer contains five items, it:
1) Speaks to the core issues of your client base
2) Has a time frame
3) Makes a clear promise for a result
4) Has a well thought out plan for delivery
5) Contains a call to action

Here are three examples of offers: small, medium and big.

A) Discover Your Slim-Foods
Get a personalized weight reduction menu from a qualified nutritionist in 24 hours. Click here.
This is a minimal engagement, get-to-know you session. All you have time for is to map out the broad strokes of an action plan. More detail can be added later.

B) Make Your Whole Company Smile
Increase moral in your company by 50% in 90 days from a nationally renowned leadership coach. Email me here.
Your core offer fixes one significant problem or gets a win in a specific area.

C) Transform Your Business
Take one year to transform your business into a 7-figure happy place. Text me at _______.
This option is designed to attain the highest goals of your client and sets you up with monthly recurring revenue.

The clarity of your offers expresses the quality of your service. Make sure your offers have these best practices built into them.

Good offers are the doorway to successful selling.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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