Understand Your Customers

The more you understand your customers the greater the chance for you to connect, make them happy and create the kind of good will that will will create a happy and loyal following of customers. 

A story comes to mind that will illustrate how difficult it can be to really get to know your clients and customers. 

A hotel manager in Hawaii was interested in what his guests thought about their stay. He knew that in many cases people will not provide unvarnished truth when confronted directly. He formulated a brilliant plan to know his customers in an indirect way: he asked the cab drivers bringing people to and from the hotel what the conversations were like on the way to the airport. 

Each month he'd bring donuts to the cab company when a shift would end. The conversation were revealing and the manager had much more information to work with in order to make people happy.

What can you to get the unvarnished viewpoints of your clients?

The more you know your clients bigger advantage over your competitors! Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your marketing and sales process.