Build a Simple Marketing Plan

Marketing to people who want your product or service but cannot afford it is a waste of your time and money; so is marketing to people who don’t need what you have to offer. The answer: Find those people who truly value what you have to offer and can benefit from it. This axiom applies to both traditional and Internet marketing.

Ask yourself “who can best benefit from what I have to offer?” When the answer pops into your head, let it just sit there awhile, and then write it down. Many business owners and managers get complacent about this aspect of marketing — don’t make this mistake! Develop an in-depth profile of your target audience.

What does an in-depth target audience profile look like?

Picture in your mind several types of people who might buy from you. These could be people who are already your customers. From these images construct a persona for the types of people who might become valued customers of yours. One such persona might be “educated consumer,” others might be called “has immediate need,” “easy to get along with,” or “hard-nosed businessman.” All of these can make great customers.

Then make up some personas for people you need to look out for. These might sound like: “price shopper,” “hesitant executive,” “tire kicker,” or “not a good fit.” Usually the first three can become OK (not great) customers. The last one is best identified as soon as possible. You don’t want to waste time with these people.

Personas should have information on age, sex, race, culture, where prospective clients live, where they work, places they frequent, hobbies, patterns, the industry they work in, and their personal needs, wants and aspirations. This may sound like a lot of work, but can you think of a better way to set the tone for trying to relate with these people?

You need to know how you can help these people relieve a pain, satisfy a need or seize an opportunity. Once you have done your homework you’ll be prepared to engage each of these types of people and when you do you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Whether you are planning a traditional or Internet marketing campaign, DeepSky Marketing can help you identify your target audience so you can capitalize on your marketing investment. Call DeepSky Marketing for a free consultation to evaluate your entire marketing process.