Cold Calling

Find a niche and get rich.

One of the most common mistakes in marketing is to avoid honing-down who you are selling to in order to appeal to more people.

Impactful marketing messaging has the end-user in mind — and this cannot be everyone! A well thought-out marketing strategy is one that prunes-down both messaging and market segments. 

This is a mistake born of fear of losing market share.

Here is the solution: make your company the best at one thing. Why? If you excel at one thing people will give you credit for being good in other areas.

The net result of honing position and messaging is you will appeal to more people — because you are a credible expert in one area.

Talk to your customers

Learning to read people is a high art. Often times politeness will prevent a client of yours from telling you the unvarnished truth about your product or service.

They'll wait until they get home for this version — but this is the version you need for optimal business growth.

The solution: get good at reading people and develop the ability to gently and skillfully ask for more information if you feel something is being held back. 

Humor can often bridge the gap from politeness to something more real. Remember, you need to get the real story i.e., what people will say to their spouse when they get home. For this you need to make people feel SAFE.

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