Lead Your Tribe

What do business leaders like Gordon Binder of Amgen, Jack Welch of General Electric and David Kelly of IDEO, have in common with winning coaches like Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University, Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors and Bruce Bochy of the San Francisco Giants?

All of these leaders think "we."  

Krzyzewski talks about creating a family atmosphere around his team so everyone can relax and "just play" without adding pressure to already tense situations. He knows the pressure we put on ourselves is usually greater than that of circumstance.

Gordon Binder demurs when the subject of his own contributions to Amgen are brought up. He sounds like Steph Curry who always talks about his team and "we," almost never about "I" or "me." 

Top business leaders and coaches with winning traditions understand this at a deep level. The front office of the Warriors is famous for listening to every voice, respecting each individual. This is the essence of "we."

"We" is an attitude that emulates the legendary wisdom of King Arthur’s Round Table and is echoed in today’s business trend toward hierarchically “flat” organizations with relatively few layers of management promoting open communication between ranks.

When done right the Round Table format is a great tool for getting to the crux of a problem, developing solutions and getting everyone on the same page for implementation

Consider setting up a "we" oriented atmosphere in your organization. A round table is a great tool. If you would like coaching on how to accomplish this, or how to put together a round table on a specific topic, give us a call or sign up for a free forty minute conversation below. 

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As you and your people grow so will your profits.

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