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Introductory video: (2:18)
A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts

As you get a sense of the profound power of your gut instincts and intuition you become aware that these God-given gifts visit you when you are calm, relaxed and in tune with the better parts of you.

At this point the game shifts to becoming ever more refined in your perceptions, which in itself is a gift, on top of the extraordinary guidance, subtle miracles and overt synchronicities you observe daily.



Introductory video: (2:22)
A two-minute MBA course

This is a short video on the top six areas business consultants pay attention to when they are helping their clients. The top six areas are: management, leadership, marketing, sales, delivering a great product and looking at your key numbers. This video is a quick review of the most important aspects of your (or any) business.



Seminar on marketing messaging, lead generation and offer structure

These are the three areas I see the people need the most help with; and they are profound in terms of your profitability; and they are relatively easy to fix.  .

Seminar on June 14, 2022

Whats Missing in Leadeership


What's Missing in Your Leadership Training?

Most leadership trainings have a tremendous upside but there is a missing element to almost all education in this field, You are invited to come to this seminar to see for yourself the massive hole in the way most leadership trainings are conducted today. Watch the video to get a quick education. VIDEO TO COME.

Jeffrey on Video

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The Power of Words


The Power of Words 

When your message is so good you're brimming with excitement because you can't wait for people to hear it — then your brand is energized. 

The Power of Words


That energy sells. This video will give you an example of how this works. Watch video now.

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1 Humanitys Great Awakening - FULLinfo


The Power of Choice

Your power to choose depends on the information you have access to. This video delivers the power of the opposing narrative in a factual way to allow you greater ability to make life choices. This perspective is based in the centuries-old dictum of logic: The Hegelian Dialectic, which outlines the need to have and idea (a thesis) and then to round out your point of view research the opposite of that idea (the antithesis - aka the opposing narrative) before your resolve to synthesis.

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