Your Business Report CardTM

If you want to improve your business a Report Card is the first step toward changing things for the better.  

A Business Report CardTM shows you specifically where you are leaving money on the table in your business so you can put that cash in your pocket — if you're ready take the short version now.

Grade yourself in the following areas on a scale of 1 – 10 where 10 is as good as it gets and 1 is completely inadequate. Be honest and jot down your scores in these six areas.

You know where your business is at, have a vision for where you want to go, and have a simple but detailed plan regarding HOW are you going to get there.

You’ve made yourself into the person who draws success, opportunity, and money to you. This rubs off onto others — because they are watching!

You’ve developed your ability to speak to the problems your clients are facing and can articulate these issues BETTER than they can so they know you can help them.

You set up the right kind of client relationships because you offer a great product at a fair price, you treat your customers with personal respect and offer an easy and joyful transaction.

Client Retention
When you land a client you do what it takes to make sure that person is HAPPY — and you’ve implemented procedures to systematize this highly important function.

Tracking Key Numbers
Most accountants can tell you the costs involved with the operation of your business. You go beyond this by looking at the following:

  • • How much it costs for you to make a sale across differing marketing methods
  • • What’s the cost for you to fulfill promises, so you make clients HAPPY?
  • • How much is the total lifetime value of one of your average clients?

You know these key performance indicators are highly beneficial for you to track.

Now that you've graded yourself, and can get a glimpse of where you are leaving money on the table the next step is to get more detailed. This happens best in a conversation.

When you are ready reach out to Jeffrey to talk about your initial results and where to go from here. This is not a sales conversation, it is one of assistance.

This conversation is about some of the more misunderstood “best practices” in business and flows naturally into a reality check that is much needed in the never-before-seen markets we are experiencing today.

Without accurate and specific feedback on how you are doing most business owners have a bad feeling in the pit of their stomach as if they are lost in the woods. The Business Report CardTM fixes that problem by providing a map of where you are at and the direction needed for you to realize your dreams.

After your free report card conversation you may want to go further. One option is to hire Jeffrey for a full hour and a half to provide you with the rudiments of a simple plan to upgrade your business. The fee for this service is $249 — a small price to pay for a readout of what you need to do to improve your business. Please note: This service on a complete satisfaction guaranteed basis. It starts with a free consultation – no selling, just helping. Call or schedule HERE.


What clients say

“What made Jeffrey valuable to me is not just the knowledgeability, expertise, and not even his encouragement, but the insightfulness and grounded-ness he brings. I'll bet that I could work with a lot of people that would be knowledgeable, but what sets Jeffrey apart is the coaching aspect. There is a depth that he brings to his work that helps me in my work.”

-Kevin O'Connor,
Attorney – Everyday People Estate Planning

“I wanted my new children’s book Dino Does Yoga to have as much impact as possible. I worked with a great publishing house, North Atlantic Books (NAB), which is distributed by Penguin Random House, but received no help from my publicists. I was having a hard time getting a sponsor to help pay for my impending coast to coast book tour. Then I started working with Jeffrey. He showing me how to structure a professional proposal and coached me on what to say when talking with sponsors. He gave me great exercises and coaching to prep for my calls. The result was I landed a sponsor in time for my tour and set up a few promising contacts for next year's book schedule. I’d recommend Jeffrey to anyone..”

Sofie Engstrom von Alten
Children's author - Dino Does Yoga