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Business Building

Use every tool at your command: management, leadership, marketing, sales, client retention, your key numbers and Quantum Know-how. Get help here.


Saying the right thing, to the right people, at the right time is your best chance for success whether you are talking to employees, potential clients or investors.

Personal Creativity

Your ability to create allows you to intuit, envision, articulate, plan, and apply yourself to goals worthy of your Sovereign Divinity. Help is available.

Work with a Visionary

Turn your vision into reality using these steps: translate your vision into numeric goals for tracking. Your goals require planning that use resources. This drives execution and brings results. Results beg analysis that yield even bigger results.
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"I have experienced a major increase in confidence to pursue personal ambitions and attain higher professional goals thanks to Jeffery! He communicates in ways that are simple, yet powerful and helped me build an inner foundation of strength from which to move forward in my life and career."

William Hazelwood
President, Sojourna Productions • Brookings Institute Financial Journalism Fellow • Professor Emeritus: School of Broadcasting SFSU • Emmy award winning director for CBS News

"Jeffrey, I learned more marketing in one hour with you than I have in 20 years of doing business. Thanks for a great seminar!"

Alejandro R. Torres
Potting Shed Publishing

"Jeffrey’s facilitation skills are golden. He makes our meetings about us, and what we want, and then gently takes us where we need to go with our marketing and sales. This leads to genuine solutions and an action plan that makes sense."

Laura Goldman
Owner, Solar Works

"I love Jeffrey. He has been a counselor and coach for years. He makes it easy to speak openly about what is happening in my heart, mind and body. With his wide range of experience and skill in personal coaching, personable style and professionalism, I would always recommend him and I know you will enjoy working with him."

Greg Proefrock
Green MBA Business Consultant

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Our World is Evolving

The demand for purpose-driven companies offering ethical and sustainable products and services is exploding. A crucial step for this level of success is developing your Divine intuitive powers.


Book a free conversation on how your business stacks up at the level of real-world best practices AND the behind the scenes forces of Quantum Miracles. This is your best 1–2 punch for  success. 

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Selling a Better World:
How you can personally use the science of Quantum Miracles to build success in your business, create a better world for future generations and walk in Grace.  

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The Steve Jobs Effect

The people who worked with Steve Jobs of Apple said he had a Reality Distortion Field because he made the "impossible" happen so often. The fact is we ALL have a Reality Distortion Field, you just have to learn to use it. This is the seventh foundational tool for business success in the Quantum Era.

The business case for creating a purpose-driven business (PDB) is that PDBs outperform rivals by 600 to 1,000% (BOOK: Firms of Endearment). Aligning with your Divinity is step one, doing your work in the world is next!

“God is always ready to work with you, never for you.”

Walter Russell


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Steve Jobs: "People can tell if you're in it just to make a buck." Your clients want an excellent product or service – and they want more: connection, a higher calling, a joyful personal transaction. The more of this "full package" of benefits you deliver to your clients the more you succeed! Jeffrey is here help.