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Top Three Lead Generation Techniques (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Apr 08, 2021 @ 4 PM


Here are the top three lead generation techniques:
• Organic lead generation via social media (Ex: Facebook)
• Paid ads (Ex Google or Facebook)
• PR (being featured in news media)

- Choose your social media space
- Draw a following by helping people with useful content
- Use the 80/20 rule: 80% helpful content, 20% offers
- Make sure your offer is brimming with value

Paid ads
- Use a search engine like Google or your favorite social media
- Develop 4 – 8 headlines to get people to act
- Test results and pick the winners

- Choose your media space
- Create a media kit
- Practice your interviewing / public speaking skills
- Contact venues to be featured on programs

All of this assumes you have mapped out a complete path for people to travel in order to buy from you. Your lead generation MUST be part of a greater plan — otherwise you’ll attract people to a place that will let them down.

Introduce your business the right way.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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