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What is intuition?

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Fri, Jun 02, 2023 @ 2 AM
Albert Einstein said: "The only really valuable thing is intuition." Why? Science has found that our physical world is made of atoms that are 99.9999% nonphysical. Precise vibrational frequencies allow us to perceive energy as matter. It's all but certain a grand intelligence (God) is behind creation and our intuition is our interface with it.

If the above is true, if a Divine Consciousness is the root of creation, and if this creation is bound together by a field of vibrational energy that scientists call the Quantum Field, this corresponds to what the Chinese call Chi, what the Yogi's know as Prana, and what Native Americans refer to as Medicine. If all the above is true the implication is: we live in a participatory universe and we have far more say in what goes on than most people think.

Allow for the possibility
The vacuum tube experiment points to the power each of us has to shape our world. Scientists sucked everything but photons (the atomic building blocks of our world) out of a vacuum tube. Then they put human DNA into tube. The photons, which had been dispersed, all of a sudden formed themselves around the DNA. Steve Jobs believed he could change the world all the way down to his DNA. His coworkers commented that he had a Reality Distortion Field (RDF) because he made the impossible happen so many times. If he had a RDF, we all do!

It's here now
If you want to get in touch with your intuition, and your innate personal power, stop thinking and touch your world with your feelings, listen to the soft true voice of your heart, allow yourself to see pictures in your mind of things you count as important, or simply quiet your mind and allow yourself to know what is true. All of the above happens in the moment, which is where intuition, and most of your personal power reside. The above is NOT about thinking. Thinking is 95% emotional and mental patterns that have been programmed into our subconscious from birth to age seven. Developing intuition is about learning to be in the moment.

Intuition is miraculous
Mahatma Gandhi said we take for granted that we can grow the strength of our body through physical exercise, and we can expand the acuity of our mind with training in that area. He was also very clear that we can grow our intuitive abilities into the miraculous with steady effort. He created the miracle of getting the British out of India peacefully so I count him as a credible information source. What do you truly want to create in your life? Only your intuition can tell you.

Intuition and business
On Monday, June 5 at noon PT I'll be gifting you a seminar called: Close sales with Heartfelt and Intuitive Marketing. This webinar blends the best practices of logic with intuitive knowing. It helps you realize your potential clients are intuitive people and reaching them on this level is the next best practice we all need to get good at.

What you get
On the logical side you learn how to create a marketing message that speaks to the interests of your potential clients
• Identify the people you can help most
• Learn three top ways to find out what your clients want
• Discover the four essential steps of marketing messaging

On the intuitive side you are shown how to create communication that sticks by developing your heartfelt innocence and intuition   
• Attitude: Think that you can sharpen your intuitive gifts
• Process: Learn a three step process to connect with your intuitive powers
• Connect: Create a core marketing message of respect, innocence, and intuition
• Discover: The four pathways to intuitive knowledge for you and your clients

To register for this free seminar go to my events page.
I'll see you there!

Your Business Building Mentor.
Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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