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What is an Enlightened Business? (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, May 20, 2021 @ 2 AM

Here is the short version of what an enlightened business looks like:

  • A business that hurts no one and benefits everyone and everything
  • An organization where the people running it have a sense of connection — that the Karma of what you put out is what you get back
  • A business where you know in your Soul that right now we need more enlightened businesses than ever
  • An enlightened business is not built on fear; it is constructed on the twin joys of connection and realizing your unique and sovereign purpose and power.

Enlightened businesses are for people who realize they need Grace to accomplish their highest goals and have the humbleness to ask for help from Source.

Helping you awaken into your enlightened and profitable business.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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