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Three Essential Qualities of a Solopreneur (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Tue, Mar 30, 2021 @ 12 AM


Here are the three essential qualities of successful solopreneurs:

What does your true vision of success look like? Don’t hold back in fear your dream is too audacious. Make your vision as big as it should be, but no bigger. The vision that is right for you feeds you joyful energy so you can create it.

Can-Do Attitude
Deep inside you is the knowledge that part of your birthright as a human being is that you are co-creating the world we live in. You have what it takes to mold some part of reality into a form that pleases you. So go do it!

Creativity is joyful, playful WORK! Look at every angle of a problem. Then, boil things down to experiment with the top choices. This requires time, energy and persistence. If you are not experiencing joy something is wrong.

And. . .
Put your dream on paper in words and sketches — there is magic in this! Be detailed with your description: include thoughts, feelings and emotions. The more you build it in your mind and heart, the more power you have to make it a reality in the world.

Practice these every day.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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