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The three essentials of scaling your business. (in 60 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sat, May 01, 2021 @ 5 PM

You’ve had it being a solo-preneur. You want to grow your business.

Of all the things that demand personal growth in the world of business (and just about everything does) expanding to a new level can be one of the most challenging. Your desire to grow must match your vision. Since vision is a moving target you may be just on the edge of deciding you want to expand.

If this sounds like you here are three essentials to consider:
• Which of your client processes lend themselves to recorded teaching?
Can your clients receive high value from recordings and documentation? If so, add this into your client support over time.

• Have you mapped out your client processes that bring success?
If not this is a necessary step to expansion, and is a good “best practice” anyway.

• Can you make yourself obsolete? As your business grows, and you take on new people, are they A-players that can take over for you? If not there is something missing.

The attitude that will allow you to expand your business best is one that focuses on the processes that help your customers. These processes, attitudes and skill sets are more important than who delivers them.

When you realize your business is more about your clients than it is about you, you’ll be in a better place to grow your company.

A fully flowered vision is the best driver for scaling your business.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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