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The four M’s of a well-rounded business. (in 60 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Jul 01, 2021 @ 4 PM

The four M’s of a well-rounded business are:
Mindset, Management, Marketing and Making good


Positive thinking is good — however — your conscious mind does not run the show. If people were good at conscious willpower America would not have such a big addiction problem. Beyond drugs and alcohol you can be addicted to TV, fatty foods, sugar, daydreaming, working out, sex, anger, shame and guilt to name a few.

Yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis are just a few of the many tools that help people access an Alpha brain rhythm. This facilitates connection to the subconscious mind. If you plant the right request (suggestion), in the right way, you can make changes at your subconscious core.

Unless you’re a “natural” without these sorts of tools to access your subconscious it takes ten-fold the time, effort and energy to reach your goals.

Managing your business means managing yourself first.

 Then, you can create the systems you need to have things run smoothly in your business. When this happens the atmosphere needed for you to thrive evolves before your eyes.

When you have a product or service someone wants you need to tell people about it so they get what you are saying. The golden rule applies: relationships come first. This is especially true when your lead generation is coming through social media.

Making good
Making your customers happy is an essential part of any business. Just like your internal operations need a systems approach, when it comes time to make your clients happy you need to establish the processes that gets the job done right!

Let the four M’s support your company holistically for your success and sanity.


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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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