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The creative side of step-by-step planning (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sat, Jul 10, 2021 @ 4 PM

Buckminster Fuller: "To change an existing paradigm focus on building an entirely new one." This is the epitome of creativity. But the creative process fizzles when follow through does not burn as bright as your initial creative idea.
Thomas Edison said: "99% of inspiration is perspiration." I might argue with his percentages but his point is clear: after your initial vision of a different and better world materializes in your head and heart — that is when your work really begins. A few thoughts:

In the paragraph above replace the word "work' with play. On the outside playing hard looks a lot like working hard. Playing simply has more joy in it.

Some people think that linear, step-by-step processes, which are called for in certain situations bring creativity to a halt. This is a dualistic way of thinking that you can replace with a new paradigm. The paradigm shifts that first need to be addressed are the ones inside of you. When this is done the world outside you cannot help but change.

Thinking that your business is the change agent in the world is a paradigm of thinking that diminishes your divine, sovereign creative strength. This is the paradigm/habit of thought in need of change for most people.

Helping you build your enlightened business.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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