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Perennial questions from a business point of view

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sun, May 28, 2023 @ 1 AM
All the versions of "perennial questions" I've seen revolve around the most basic human concerns: who or what are we, how did we come to be here, and how can we make the best of it.

From a business standpoint
In business it is a good idea to keep the most basic aspects of why we are in business at the forefront. Are we in business to help ourselves or others? What are we good at? Who can we help the most? How can we make the best of all this?

Logic and intuition
These two ways of looking at the world are complementary, not in conflict with one another. I'm a proponent of building business intuition, and allowing that my clients have intuition too.

A two-way street
When you realize your potential clients have intuition you are at the place Steve Jobs was when he said: "People can tell if you're it in just to make a buck." If people can tell that much, what can't they tell? This is why building personal intuition, and then combining it with logic, is the best way to hit all the right notes in all parts of your business and especially when you reach out to people.

How decisions are made
When David Sandler created his now world renowned sales training company he partnered with a clinical psychologist who revealed that people make intuitive decisions first and back these up with facts later — not the other way around.

Business communications
The more you know at a deep level that your clients make intuitive decisions first, and then use logic to justify the deal, the better and more effective your business communications become. If you exhibit only logic in your communications you are well below 50% strength of your message.

Learning to communicate effectively
Whether you have an organization of 1 or 100 the way you reach out to people matters. Ideally you want the 1-2 punch of logic and intuition. If you read my emails you'll get most of the learning you need for this. Here is another way.

Webinar on Zoom
On Monday, June 5 at noon PT I'll be gifting you a seminar called: Close sales with Heartfelt and Intuitive Marketing. This webinar blends the best practices of logic with intuitive knowing. It helps you realize your potential clients are intuitive people and reaching them on this level is the next best practice we all need to get good at.

What you get
- On the logical side you learn how to create a marketing message that speaks to the interests of your potential clients
• Identify the people you can help most
• Learn three top ways to find out what your client want
• Discover the four essential steps of marketing messaging

- On the intuitive side you are shown how to create communication that sticks by developing your heartfelt innocence and intuition  
• Attitude: Think that you can sharpen your intuitive gifts
• Process: Learn a three step process to connect with your intuitive powers
• Connect: Create a core marketing message of respect, innocence, and intuition
• Discover: The four pathways to intuitive knowledge for you and your clients

To register for this free seminar go to my events page.

I'll see you there!

Your Business Building Mentor.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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