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Oops, I must have been sprayed with money repellant

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Fri, May 15, 2020 @ 12 AM

The weird thing about it was it was so palpable. I could viscerally feel the glass ceiling holding me down like a trapped animal. I’d just gotten my accounting statement for the year and it said my wife and I had earned $99, 967.00 that year in our business.

All I could think was thirty-three. Just $33 more bucks and we would have made a six figure income. I’d always wanted to earn in the six-figure bracket. It didn’t bother me that we made around $90 grand most years. It was enough, and there is nothing wrong with enough.

I was happy to make that much because I was doing what I wanted. In one part of our business we were helping good people sell sustainable products we believed in and the other half of our business was dedicated to environmental education to help heal our wounded planet. Things were good.

Then we came so close to six figures I could taste it and it got under my skin.

It’s a funny thing about glass ceilings; you can’t see them, but you can feel them. It doesn’t feel good knowing there is something holding you back and you can’t quite put your finger on. This particular dark cloud made me question a lot of core things about my self worth. Did I do something wrong?

Did I somehow get sprayed with money repellant when I was young? It felt that way. My wife and I were Ok financially but it seemed like the level of work we were doing justified more return on the income side of things.

I’ve done tons of personal growth work and I’ve been taught time and again how my inner beliefs and mental patterns dictate my life experience. With the previous experience in mind my sensibilities ask: what kind of money repellant did I get sprayed with and how can I get it off?

Monay Be Gone

I’ve heard so many people say: "what you need to do  is change your beliefs!" Great, thanks. I’ve written affirmations, meditated, practiced positive thinking and have done my best to observe right-livelihood. These things activities had an impact but it was muted.

On rare occasions I've been told to listen to my gut and heart. Even more rare is a discussion about learning to trust these parts of myself; what some might call my inner compass. It took me a long time to figure out that I was listening to other people and my ego-self too much. I did not have a reliable relationship with my inner compass.

I didn’t know how to go inside and this was holding me back. Does this sound familiar to you? In the end I needed help to go inward. When I realized this I came across some people that could help me begin to trust myself. This has been the greatest gift.

You're an individual. What works for me may not work for you. You know this is true but you've signed up for program after program that seeks to teach a methodology from the outside in. These are helpful for certain situations. Then the situation changes and you need another methodology.

When you start walking the path of inner wisdom your skills will automatically fit each changing moment. This is where A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts comes in. If you've been sprayed with money repellant you need stronger medicine than a "best practices" based method approach. You need personal medicine that goes deep into your own heart and gut.

Finding wisdom when listening to others is the norm, it is inside the box thinking. Someone else's box cannot be yours. You need to build your own. Sooner of later you have got to go on a solo journey inward for answers. Why? Because when you abdicate your own thrown of personal choice you tell every part of you that you are not good enough to make your own choices. What kind of a message is that for a human being?

A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts will ask you to make your own choices time after time. It’s not that you won’t have help. You’ll get support for accessing source, heart, intuition, and your gut instincts — the parts of you that your reasoning mind does not trust. Learning to trust yourself is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself. Now you have help.

Consider trying a simple experiment: ask your inner self, your gut instincts, if the above statements seem true. If they don't it just means this is not your path, for now. No recriminations. If the words above do seem true you'll know what to do.

When we talk about sources of knowledge coming from inside or outside of us it reminds me of the old saying: "give a man a fish and he’ll have a nice meal, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime." If you are interested in A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts click HERE to be taken to our web page.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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