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Ode to Cashiers

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Mon, Mar 30, 2020 @ 10 PM

Ode to Cashiers

Your job is to serve people
John Q. Public

You come to work with a smile
when you can

When you can’t muster a grin
you come to serve

You need a job, a paycheck
income to live

Some young, some old
all have names

Many think cashiers reside
at the bottom

Low on the totem pole
of our culture

Take a look now
they’re on the edge

Holding us back from
the hungry abyss

More important than police because
hungry people defy the law

What more important job is there
than keeping people fed

They quite literally hold together
the fabric of society

The honor of this jump in status
comes with a price

Social distance is not an option for them 
they are on the front lines

Many customers come close
every single day

How many of you will get sick, even die
a disproportionate number

You won’t get a wall in DC
but you should

Med workers decry improper equipment
no call on your behalf

A fighting chance to stave off disease
with glove and mask

Society rewards Docs & nurses with  
high wages and status

Nobody blushes, their risk is high
yours is higher

Recognition is deserving
for both groups

They catch people when falling
you keep them from the edge

The work of keeping people fed
is vital

We’ve taken it for granted
far too long

Farmers, workers, drivers, checkers
all deserve a status upgrade

This is part of our lesson
in the time of Corona

Once the lesson is learned
we will see

How painting any person as less than
invites toxic disrespect

A small injustice like this
enables grand corruption

Do not stop with people
include nature in the paradigm shift

A change that will hold respect
for all life in earth

Nothing less will do
now is the time

Do you hear the call
to build critical mass

It won’t happen all at once
it starts down at the grocery store

Seeing brave people risking a lot
to help us all

Come look and see with open eyes
who these people are

Some of them will be gone soon
because people have to eat

Heroics come in many forms
who would have thought

Punching a cash register
would be an act of bravery

Who would have thought
the path to respect for all life

Would travel through
these humble hands

Lesson learned
feel it in your heart

Every aspect of creation
plays a vital role

The way in which we look at others
is who we really are.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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