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Manage your resources systematically (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Wed, Jun 30, 2021 @ 4 AM

Your two main resources are time and money. In my last Blog I talked about the need for planning and scheduling, which is a big part of managing resources.

Creating systems for everything you do works hand-in-glove with planning and scheduling. The odds are you've created many systems in your business — even if you have not formalized them by writing them down.

Many solopreneurs omit this step. Before you move on, consider that just as planning and scheduling brings you into a new relationship with time, creati

ng systems catapults you into a new dimension with your ability to:

Relax because you know precisely where you are at in your business and what needs to happen to move in the right direction

Scale (if you want) because you've created a roadmap so others can get on board if not improve upon

Communicate both internally and in a marketing sense because you've put what you do into precise words, a useful exercise for communication.

See the replay of my free seminar: Plan for SUCCESS in Your Enlightened Business.

Manage the resources of your enlightened business and success is yours.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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