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Making step-by-step procedures for your service. (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Apr 29, 2021 @ 5 PM

You’ve got clients and they’re getting results, now it’s time to formalize the processes you use to create success.

Sometimes consultants and solo-preneurs fly by the seat of their pants. They know how to get results but it’s an instinctive process. If you want to scale your business you need to map out your procedures so they can be replicated in different formats for clients consumption or to give to a trainee.

Mapping processes is a great way to get clear on just how big an impact you’ve had on people. When you get into the details there are always marvelous discoveries — like how all your sequential steps fit together.

Give the people you work with step-by-step procedures for success.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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