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Rely on your Incivible Innocence when Selling

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Wed, May 03, 2023 @ 2 AM

The way you say things is actually more important than what you say. Science studies confirm this and it is especially true when selling a product or service.


One of the great things about business, and selling in particular, is that it gets you in front of people. Even in an email the tone of who you are comes through. Best practices for selling say that you should talk about the pain points your products or services alleviate. How you articulate this is important. Tone is just as vital, if not more so. Innocence in selling is a posture people can feel. It is devoid of scheming and wants the best for all parties. It's a magnetic place to sell from.

Magnetize Your Selling

A friend and client of mine has an oil change shop in the Bay Area. Some of his customers drive over 30 miles to see him because they like the way they are treated. That's magnetic!!! This is hard to train into somebody, it requires good hiring skills and an atmosphere where human caring is prioritized.

Innocence is Invincible

Studies on Doctors who are sued for malpractice all come up with the same result: medical practitioners who are kind do not get sued, even if they mess up. Rude Doctors get sued all the time. People skills are the best business skills.

You'll sell more if you learn from the excited kids selling lemonade on the corner and allow your enthusiasm to be infectious. This is simply a reminder and a word to the wise: connect with the innocence of your inner child when selling. We need a reminder of this every once in a while.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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