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The convention of horrible marketing (don't do this)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Fri, May 19, 2023 @ 12 AM
Back in the days when MacWorld Conventions roamed the earth I drove down to the Moscone Center in San Francisco to see what the buzz was about. My ulterior motive was to purchase a carry bag for my new laptop. Manufacturers often give steep discounts at conventions so I was excited to see the sites and get a deal.

When I first walked in I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and pageantry of the place. Moscone Center is cavernous; and with all the vendors I experienced more than a little shock to my senses.

Say what?
When I regained composure and got "on mission" I toured isle after isle looking for a sign to guide me to spend the money that was burning a hole in my pocket. After a while my composure was again being tested. I could not find a single vendor that said: Computer Carry Bags, or Accessory Bags or Computer Accessories. In fact, I could not find one booth sign that told me in plain English what they were selling. Not one — and I had looked at over 100!

Getting annoyed
There I was, just waiting to open my wallet and spend my money, and the only thing preventing me from doing so was the cool, hip and amazingly incomprehensible marketing messaging people were using.

Please don't do this with your business. Poor messaging confuses your buyers into NOT buying. I have nothing against cool and hip, as long as I can tell what you are selling. In one of my next emails I'll go over how to structure your messaging so you will never have this problem.

I finally got my bag, and I still have it today, but even now I can feel the frustration of people trying too hard with their messaging. Don't do this!

Your Business Building Mentor.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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