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When it's ethical and proper to apply sales pressure

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sat, May 20, 2023 @ 10 PM

There are times when it is ethical and proper to use pressure when selling. This is when you are acting as a friend to the person you're speaking with, it is when you've done your homework and you know you have the best option for them — and you can explain it!

Some facts about friendship

Quantum connection
We are best served to treat everyone as if it was our most cherished friend or family member. This does not mean taking on a submissive role. It does not mean pushing people for no reason. People can tell when you're pushing in their best interests. This is when pushing is okay in sales.

Quantum scientists are echoing what Sages and Saints have been saying for thousands of years: we are one! This is in line with what people from traditional societies have been saying: we are part of the web of life, and what we do to it we do to ourselves. Quantum scientists are referring to this same phenomena when they talk about "entanglement theory." They say we are points of individualized conscious coherence in the quantum field; this means we are part of the field!

Our generational problem
These days people are so sensitive to sales pressure it's easy to want to avoid it altogether. This is a mistake. If you are acting as a friend to a person; which is a high level of human connection, it can be a mistake to NOT use at least some level of "sales pressure."

A client of mine was so into the "no-pressure" zone he did not recognize a potential client was giving him consistent buying signals. He called me just after his sales call. Our discussion allowed him to see that he was so averse to being pushy toward selling he was actually pushing people away from buying. He called the guy back and got the sale, and now has a different perspective on sales pushiness.

Patience please
Part of the puzzle of deep connection is developing the intuitive sense for when people are ready to hear certain things, and also cultivating patience. In sales training this goes to observing where people are at in the three phases of buying: informational, comparison and choosing. (aka awareness, consideration and decision)

Padding and permission
High-level sales people are good at "padding." Padding prepares the person you are talking with to hear something potentially difficult. It can sound like: "Steve, I want to bring a subject into our conversation that I think might be helpful and I also think it might strike a nerve, which is not my intention. May I bring up a potentially thorny subject?

If your intent is to help Steve consider his choices with relevant information he will generally be fine with this. If you cross the line and are trying to maneuver him into a particular choice he'll most likely feel that instantly.

Give yourself permission to experiment, fail and succeed in these areas.

Your Business Building Mentor.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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