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Deliver on promises and they’ll sing your praises. (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Tue, Apr 20, 2021 @ 4 PM


Ask yourself:
How can I deliver my services so my clients get results and experience true satisfaction?

• Are you signing the right kind of people into your program?
• Have you refined your processes so there’s no ambiguity in delivery?
• Are you charging enough to give your clients sufficient attention?
• Have you determined common stumbling blocks and have solutions?
• Are you delivering services holistically rather than piecemeal?

The two the most common stumbling blocks for your clients are: 1) Burnout — characterized by an overtaxed nervous system / adrenals 2) A compromised mental and spiritual attitude resulting in a lack of creativity. These often go together.

The two most common stumbling blocks for providers are: 1) Attracting the wrong kind of people 2) delivering services piecemeal so that the service is not addressing a complete problem set.

The above conditions hamper the bold action that needs to be taken to reshape the world into the liking of those you serve. Most people have the ability to follow instructions. It takes more to be able to access true creative energy.

Attract the people who excel in your program so they sing your praises.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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