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Cultivate spontaneous intuition to manage your business (in 45 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sat, Jun 05, 2021 @ 4 PM

Buckminster Fuller’s examination of the diaries of world’s great scientists and inventors revealed all the greats had one thing in common: spontaneous intuition.

Western science has long known the power of the alpha brain wave state and its close relationship with intuition. This is when you are calm, relaxed and in touch with more than just your five senses.

Being relaxed does not mean sitting back not doing anything. When athletes are at their best they describe it as being “in the zone,” “in flow,” or simply “feeling it.” They are functioning at a high level and are very relaxed.

How to get there

Look for it. Perform your own biofeedback by monitoring your level of relaxation and making adjustments internally. What you focus on grows.

Transfer it. Meditation and Yoga significantly increase alpha brain waves. After meditation simply bring your alpha state to work with you.

Drink it. Black, green, or white tea contain “Theanine,” which generates alpha brain waves and relaxes you without giving up alertness.

Work it out. Aerobic exercise also stimulates alpha waves. A 30-minute run clears the mind, generates endorphins and puts you into alpha.

Rest it. Relaxing in a peaceful setting (especially in nature) for about 90 minutes has been shown to activate strong alpha brain waves.

Cultivating spontaneous intuition (don't force it) allows this aspect of your human heritage to flower into your life.

To your intuitive success.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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