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Combining marketing with intuition

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sun, Jun 04, 2023 @ 11 PM
What happens when you combine tried and true marketing procedures with a growing intuitive genius aimed at material success? The answer is of course: many good and wonderful things!

Reality is a coin with two sides
An old spiritual saying goes like this: "Trust in God, but tie up your Camel." This speaks to both the physical and metaphysical aspects of this world, and that we are well advised to pay attention to both sides of the equation for best results. This was the message of Jesus in his sermon on the Mount who counseled people to place greater focus on the on the spiritual side of things.

Best practices are outside-in
99.9% of formal education focuses on internalizing knowledge and practices that come from outside of us and are beneficial for us to know. The elbow jump shot in basketball can be challenging to become accustomed to, but once mastered, it opens up a whole new world. Similarly, in business, achieving proficiency in marketing and sales can lead to revelations and huge forward leaps.

Intuition is inside-out
Little of our formal education is aimed at connecting us with the genius that is our birthright. We are daughters and sons of the most high that have the ability to connect with the unlimited intelligence of Creator. When we focus on these intuitive abilities we can see Divine patterns that bring solutions to any problem. It can look like anything: Tesla and Einstein used imagination, Edison connected with his subconscious and Jobs had a Reality Distortion Field.

What's your method?
Business people need to tie up their Camel so to speak in the areas of marketing and sales. On the intuitive side gaining access to Divine Intelligence (if you like spiritual terminology), or connecting with the Quantum Field (if you like scientific phraseology), offers you mind-blowing advantages you cannot get anywhere else, even with AI. In my upcoming seminar we'll look at both sides of this equation in an effort to help you develop your intuitive gifts.

Intuition and business
On Monday, June 5 at noon PT I'll be gifting you a seminar called: Close sales with Heartfelt and Intuitive Marketing. This webinar blends the best practices of logic with intuitive knowing. It helps you realize your potential clients are intuitive people and reaching them on this level is the next best practice we all need to get good at.

What you get
On the logical side you learn how to create a marketing message that speaks to the interests of your potential clients
• Identify the people you can help most
• Learn three top ways to find out what your clients want
• Discover the four essential steps of marketing messaging

On the intuitive side you are shown how to create communication that sticks by developing your heartfelt innocence and intuition   
• Attitude: Think that you can sharpen your intuitive gifts
• Process: Learn a three step process to connect with your intuitive powers
• Connect: Create a core marketing message of respect, innocence, and intuition
• Discover: The four pathways to intuitive knowledge for you and your clients

To register for this free seminar go to my events page.
I'll see you there!

Your Business Building Mentor.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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