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Chronicle your happy-customer statements. (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Apr 22, 2021 @ 4 PM


The results your clients are experiencing speak for themselves. They are happy campers and they’re telling you about it. Don’t forget to chronicle these joyous outcomes.

Here is a good way to think about, and get permission to communicate, the power of testimonials: the truth is you’d like to let other people know what it’s like to work with you from the mouths of your current clients. So just say that in your own words.

Make it simple. Say some thing like:
“Hey Julie, can I tell other people what you just told me? I’d love to share what you just said as a testimonial!” In the right context you can also say: “And I’d love to record it as a video if you’re up for it?”

Put this into your own words and practice saying it a few times. The whole idea is you just helped someone and most people will want to return the favor.

Happy customers are your best marketing.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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