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How to bring the Steve Jobs effect to your business. (in 30 seconds)

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Tue, Jul 13, 2021 @ 4 PM

The people who worked with Steve Jobs teased him about having a Reality Distortion Field because he made the "impossible" happen so many times.
In my last email I reminded people that Edison said: "99% of inspiration is perspiration," and that I might argue with his percentages. Now I'm not so sure. Jobs was legendary for his "perspiration."

He had the vision to radically disrupt five major industries, but the only way his ideas came to fruition was working them relentlessly. The Steve Jobs effect is having a clear vision of what you want; and then working your plan!

This email is about reminding you that planning is a big part of what is necessary to bring your personal Reality Distortion Field online — so that your dreams come true in the real world. You can do it. I can show you the way.

Your mentor in helping you build an enlightened business.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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