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You Need Good Graphic Design For Your Business Now More Than Ever

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 @ 12 AM

If you're running a small business and we suggested that you seriously needed to invest in graphic design, you might think we were being, well, optimistic to say the least.  If you're still getting your business off the ground, you should be focusing on more practical matters rather than artistic design, right?

Unfortunately, in an Internet-connected  world, thinking about your graphic design is something that needs to be done early on.  Having a strong visual identity is no longer a luxury solely for mega-brands like Coke and Apple.  Any business wanting to make a splash needs to be thinking about visual design and how they're using it to identify themselves.

Interest and Investments in Graphic Design are Rising

This infographic really lays out how much the visual design landscape has changed recently.  A few of the most compelling statistics:

•  80% of businesses surveyed believe that graphic design is either "very important" or "moderately important" to business success.  Only three percent said it wasn't important at all.

•  67% predict that graphic design will continue to become even more important over the next five years. 

•  Only 21% of businesses will be spending less on their artistic design this year, compared to last.

So, why all this sudden interest in graphic elements in brand-building?  Pretty much, "because of the Internet."

Graphic Design for Business

Strong Graphic Design Makes You Stand Out

Even more than in most areas of life, the Internet is primarily a visual medium.  Even text itself has become depreciated - although far from eliminated - and many websites attempt to convey their messages through tone, color, and design as much as through more concrete measures.

And the reasons for this just boil down to how the Internet works.  As we see it, here are the three biggest contributing factors:

1.  Short Attention Spans

It gets discussed a lot, but Internet users have very short attention spans.  An average user is likely to leave a website within 5-10 seconds if it fails to grab their attention.  At those sorts of time scales, you can convey far more information through graphic design than you can through any more concrete content.

Basically, your website needs to -first and foremost- look like a place that people want to look at.  Poor visual design will drive people away before they even look at your "goods" in a more critical way.

2.  Shared Communications Outlets

Another major reason you need strong visual design is that, in Internet marketing, you're using a lot of other people's services.  If you have a Facebook fan page, people are seeing Facebook's branding first and foremost.  Your own visual design needs to be that much more distinct to be able to carve out a space within Facebook's system as your own, without seeming secondary to Facebook.

(And, obviously, the same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other shared service you might use.)

3.  Too Much Competition

There are likely hundreds of websites online worldwide selling a product or service substantially similar to yours.  It can be extraordinarily difficult to stand out and make people believe that yours really is one of the superior alternatives in a global market.

Strong graphic design is one of the hallmarks of a quality company.  Think of it like businesswear.  Who are you going to (generally) take more seriously in business: the guy in an $1,000 Italian suit, or the guy in shorts and sandals?

The Time Is Now for Good Graphic Design

The time to think about your visual design is right now.   The more you can do to stand out, the better your online business will do. Graphic design is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your command. Use it well.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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