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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Nov 08, 2012 @ 8 PM

Greetings, and welcome back for the last of our articles talking about website redesign. We pretty much wrapped it up in the last blog, but I wanted to include a few more parting thoughts as well as talking about what to do going forward.

So, you've got your new website design up and everything seems to be going well. That's great! Unless something major comes up, there's one more important thing you need to do before starting any new projects for your website:

Take Time Out to Reflect

Don't just launch into your next big idea. This is the time to take a deep breath, relax a bit, and think about how things are going. After all, the process of coming up with a new website design generally takes a few months, so this is a perfect time to stop, think, and plan. Spend a few weeks watching your metrics and see how things are going.

First, I just wanted to reiterate something I touched on last blog: Your numbers are probably going to drop off somewhat following your launch. That's normal. If you had a big publicity push for your new site design, you're going to have a big traffic spike that likely won't persist. As long as your numbers stay higher than they were before, you're on the right path.

Then, as new data comes in, compare it to your original ideals. How close are you to achieving the visits\leads\sales goals that you originally set? Once you've had time to “settle in” with your new website, it's time to start looking to tweak and optimize it to get even better results!

Optimizing Your New Website

You can't ever rest on your laurels in online marketing and sales, at least not for very long. The business is constantly shifting, so you need to be ready to make minor adjustments to your site at any time to fit new SEO strategies and to keep yourself current. Here are a few things to look into:

Website optimization for mobile users

  • Keep trying to reduce your bandwidth: Sleek, fast-loading websites are the rule of the day right now. As long as there are images, video, or any other content on your site that could be compressed and streamlined more, keep working on it. There's rarely any downside to finding ways to make your site load more quickly while transferring less data.
  • Think about making a mobile site: A mobile site isn't really a separate website design, it's just a stripped-down version optimized for tablet and smartphone browsers. If a lot of your traffic is coming from these platforms, this can be a good way to encourage mobile browsing of your website.
  • Constantly monitor your keywords: This is SEO 101, but it's easy to let things like this fall by the wayside if you've got a shiny new website. Don't forget to do basic SEO “chores” like monitoring your keywords and looking for new combinations, so that you keep your SERP ranks current.
  • Keep involving the community: You shouldn't ever fear asking your customers what they think of your website and how it could be improved. The first couple months after a redesign is when you'll get the most feedback, so take it seriously and try to give your visitors what they want as long as it's in line with your overall strategies.

In short, keep striving! Keep monitoring your metrics and tweaking your site to attract more people. You're off to a great start, so now it's time to make the most of your new website design in the years to come.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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