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Marketing a Crowdfunding Project

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 @ 10 PM

So, you've decided to get in on the crowdfunding craze. It's a good time to do it, and loads of  entrepreneurs are finding success with their new ventures by turning to the power of the crowd. However, crowdfunding success doesn't happen overnight, and you need to market it just as hard as any of your other projects, if not more, to see the best chance of success.

Most marketing for a crowdfunded project is going to happen online, since that's where most such projects "live." If you're looking for some ideas on where to start, here are some hot tips!

Ideas For Marketing Crowdfunded Projects

I. Engage people BEFORE you officially start the project.

This is something like pre-pre-marketing, which makes my head hurt to think about, but for Kickstarters and other similar projects, the more buzz you can generate ahead of time, the better.

Get on your blog and your social media accounts and propose your ideas. Ask for questions and comments from your fans and followers. Besides building buzz, you'll also get valid feedback from the people who would be most likely to contribute to the project once it's launched. Since supporting a crowdfunded project is 100% voluntary and involves at least a little risk on the contributors' part, this is a case where you definitely want to give the people what they want.

Video for Crowdfunding

II. You need a video.

We're going to talk about this a little more in an upcoming blog about crowdsourcing do's and don'ts, but if there is one single element that's required in a successful mass-funded project, it's video.

Your presentation video needs to be as exciting as possible, while still remaining solely in the realm of what is truly possible to produce. And it should be relatively short, no more than five minutes or so, to encourage people to share it among their friends. The video is the #1 thing that's going to get people interested in your project, so you want to make sure people see it.

III. Talk to Reddit.

We don't often recommend Reddit as a tool for online marketing, since its rather cynical population tends to resist (and mock) open marketing efforts on their website. However, crowdfunding is a remarkable exception to this. For reasons that I think haven't been adequately explored, Redditors really get enthusiastic about interesting crowdfunded projects and happily support them, for anything from new video game consoles to pushing popular comedian Louis CK.

If you're going to try to pitch your Kickstarter on Reddit, here are a couple points:

Do not make ANY claims you cannot truly back up. Reddit can often appear to be populated with an endless stream of Holden Caulfields calling "phony!" at any opportunity.

Technological and pop-culture projects generally do best, although there are thriving subreddits devoted to every topic on earth, so there's still an audience for niche projects.

If you can credibly present yourself as "indie" or an underdog, it will work in your favor. However, per point one, don't try it unless you honestly think you can pull it off.

IV. Spread word about your cool swag.

Donator bonuses are a big part of crowdfunding marketing, so make the most of them. Brag up your cool freebies, especially when they involve allowing donators to be an active part of the development process. Things like soundtrack CDs and art books are nice, but remember that in the age of the Internet, interactivity often creates the biggest draw of all.

Crowdfunding opens up great opportunities to expand your business, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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