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Inbound Marketing Quick SEO Tip

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 4 PM

As some of you know I present Internet marketing seminars for people who are looking to increase sales and profitability in their businesses. I also do one-on-one consultations. One aspect of these seminars and private work is that I get to learn a lot about how people go about raising their profile on search  engines like Google. I benefit from the many ideas floating around the room during these sessions. A few weeks ago I came across an Internet marketing idea I can't resist sharing, it's about setting up quality backs links for your website.

Back Links

Back links are still the most powerful form of "Google Juice" to help you raise your rank in search engines. A back link is when the text or graphics from one web site transfers people to another web site. This occurs when highlighted text (called Hypertext), or a graphic such as a "click here" button, is clicked on. The rationale behind this is simple: if I think enough of your site to divert people away from mine, I must have a ton of respect for your site. Back links from a site that Google has determined is an "authority" site count more than than those from average sites. Having lots of back links is good, it's even better if they are from quality sites.

SEO Back Links

Bright Idea

One of my clients set about the task of asking people give him back links. Over a period of months he found that people do not want to give out back links with nothing in return. We talked about him providing free service, cash and other incentives but these were only marginally successful. The thing that worked best was him writing these people a testimonial with his hypertext embedded in the write-up. This idea worked like a charm. He got a very high response rate, the only problem with this method is the small number of potential adopters but that was A-OK because most of the sites that now link back to him are high quality sites.

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Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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