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Internet Marketing Success — What Are The Odds?

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 7 PM

Feeling uncomfortable with the rapid change in your business due to the Internet? Get used to it. Not only is this trend here to stay it’s going to gain momentum and intensify—guaranteed! You can dismiss or try to avoid this reality, or you can profit from it. It’s up to you.

The Unknown

Nobody knows what the future will hold—nobody. However, there are people whose entire livelihoods are staked on the outcome of future events: insurance companies and Las Vegas odds-makers come to mind. Your average, everyday business people do the same thing to a greater or lesser degree. Steve Jobs often said that on certain occasions it was absolutely necessary to “bet the company” on a particular plan or idea.

Being in business is risky. Managing risk is key, and so is playing the odds. With the Internet we are playing the odds even if we aren’t aware of it because the Internet will likely affect each and every aspect of your business. But there is something even more important that you need to understand: the Internet will completely revolutionize your marketing.

All businesses use marketing and advertising in one form or another. Just for a moment consider where your company will be in five, ten, or fifteen years. Think about your success if you A) drag your feet getting into Internet marketing, or B) proceed at a slow and cautious pace, or C) embrace Internet marketing as your success engine for the future.

In most industries the smart money is on “C”—getting into Internet marketing as if it were your best, most profitable, and lowest risk option.

Search and Social

Expansion of Internet marketing in terms of “Search” and “Social” is evident by looking at the growth of companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Just to provide some perspective Google’s “Search” platform tracks 90 Billion page views every single month (this does not include other search engines)! On the “Social” front Facebook has close to 800 Billion page views per month, and Twitter, which was founded in 2007, has more than 250 Million tweets per day.

Tweets per day

When you draw a graph of the impressive growth of these companies you will see a chart that tracks upward so sharply it would literally go through the roof of your office or building. “Off the charts” is another cliché that describes the real-world phenomenon we refer to as the Internet. The odds this will fuel profits for companies that embrace Internet marketing is high.

No doubt there are some doubters out there who are waiting for the people of the world to come to their senses and go back to using the phone book, pay phones, and typewriters. If Las Vegas odds-maker were to calculate the chance of that happening what do you think odds would be?

It certainly is not impossible. The only way I can see this happening is if some disaster, like a nuclear holocaust, were to hit. In that case progress would indeed be interrupted. I hope this never happens.

The smart money is on the Internet

So what is your best bet regarding the Internet in general, and specifically Internet marketing? If you would like to know more about how the Internet can help your company grow and prosper give Jeffrey Schmidt at DeepSky Marketing a call. The number is 707 823-3888. The prosperity of your company could be at stake.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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