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The Three Keys of Internet Marketing

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Sat, Jan 28, 2012 @ 3 AM

Some companies seem to have figured out the combination to unlock the marketing power of the Internet. They have successfully engaged their online target audiences and turned those leads into paying customers. How in the world did they figure out the secret?

Well, unlocking the secrets of Internet marketing is not as complicated as you probably thought it was. The keys are right there, ready and waiting for you to use them to unlock your business potential and increased profit. The keys are the three S's of Internet marketing — Search, Social and web-automation Systems. With these three marketing strategies, you can turn the Internet into a powerful marketing tool for your company.
Search, Social and web automation Systems
Almost every Internet user looking for a service begins with a search. They turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo or another trusted search engine and enter the keyword they've generated in their own mind. Making your website the location users find when they enter their search term takes serious planning and a good keyword strategy.

Putting your company at the top of search engine rankings requires a few key components.

  • Keyword strategies
  • Search engine optimization
  • High quality, original content

These components make up the crux of the search "key" of your Internet marketing strategy. With this key in the lock, you have made it through the first hurdle of accessing your online potential.

The second key to unlocking your online potential is maximizing social media. In case you've been living in a cave the past few years, there is this a new king of the Internet and his name is Facebook. He has a few brothers and sisters including YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. These social media avenues drive the way today's online consumer discovers new products, new companies and new services. They also turn to social media for recommendations from friends.

A social media strategy is much more than simply setting up a Facebook account. Your strategy has to include ways to engage potential clients in an online conversation and become loyal followers and fans of your social media feeds. You must offer your fans useful content and provide ways for them to talk back to you. This takes time to develop, nurture and manage to ensure social media works for you and not against you.

With social media, you have the second key to the Internet marketing combination. With the third key, web-automation systems, you can unlock the greatest potential for your business. Web automation systems make it much easier than ever before for you to take control of the volume of traffic coming to your website. The low end these systems are called “autoresponders” which have the ability to capture contact information and send automated replies to people who have responded to a call to action on your site. At the higher end these systems help you map your entire sales process and tune up each phase for maximum sales efficiency.

Full featured web automation systems make it much easier for you to 1) draw visitors to your site 2) convert these prospects into customers and 3) track, analyze and adapt. As you track the efficacy of each phase of your sales funnel, you will be able to see where any problems are and devise ways to solve these troubles. Then you can start to maximize each aspect of your selling.

Together, the three S's — search, social and systems — unlock the gates guarding your online potential. Make sure your Internet marketing strategy has all three keys to the combination so that you get the most from the power of the Internet.

For a free fifty minute consultation on the three keys of Internet marketing (Search, Social and web-automation Systems) call Jeffrey at DeepSky Marketing. The number is 707 823-3888.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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