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Four ways Web automation systems drives up sales and profits

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 @ 10 PM

On the Internet, data is power.  

Your have huge amounts of information about each visit to your website, hidden away in server logs. Every moment a potential customer spends on your website is being tracked. How they got there, how long they stay, even how long they spend on certain pages. Unfortunately, this data is far too much for human analysts to deal with. But, with web automation systems, you can harness that data to convert more leads into customers than ever before.

Web automation helps you know everything need to know about your customers.

A good automation system can take all that server data and give you clear, solid information on how people are using your site. It can compare inbound referrals to your keyword usage, maximizing overall visitor retention.  It can even cull out each individual visitor's data and present a look at their activities on your site, rating their conversion potential.

For example, imagine you have a potential customer's contact information because he downloaded an ebook. You send him a promotional email with a link back to your site. From the moment he clicks that link, you know who he is, specifically. You see every action he takes based on that decision to re-visit your site, from how long he stays to what pages he spends the most time on.  You know exactly what he's looking for.

Web-Automation Companies

Web automation can automatically manage customer contact.

Remember the email sent in the example above? That was sent by an automation system too. Based on the database you're building of each contact's browsing habits and interests, the system is sending them periodic emails tailored to them. The same is done with follow-up emails to existing customers, urging them to return and then tracking their new interests. Through web automation, these aren't just faceless “site hits,” they are individuals.  You're catering to their personal needs and driving up sales.

Web automation can then see what they're saying about you.

So, that contact goes off and writes about your web page on their Facebook.  Special software for reputation management scours the web for you, looking for mentions in social media.  They're even advanced enough to be able to tell (usually) whether the mention is positive or negative. So, the software recognizes that existing contact, and their comments go into their profile as well. If the comment is negative, it might merit a follow-up message to them inquiring about their complaints.  Or, if it's positive, perhaps they get a special promotional code encouraging them to return again.

Web automation integrates marketing and sales.

In short, rather than an old-style shotgun approach to advertising – trying to craft a message that's appealing to the widest number of people – web automation allows for micro-targeting of messages. Each sales lead can be marketed to specifically.  It's the personal touch, but on a massive scale. There's no more question about the ROI on a marketing venture – you see hard data demonstrating what campaigns work, and with which customers. You can draw the line from marketing to final sales precisely.

While these systems can be a large investment, the plain truth is, they work. According to inbound marketing group Gossamar, most companies switching to an automation system more than double their website traffic thanks to it, and conversion rate increases of greater than 250% are common.

The only thing an automated system can't do (yet) is write your content for you. But with a group of sales and marketing experts working with the vast informational power of the Internet, your sales and profits can be greater than ever.

Web automation systems can help you increase sales dramatically. But which one is right for you? Call DeepSky Marketing to schedule a free fifty minute evaluation and consultation regarding your web-automation needs. That way you can get the right system for your unique situation. The number to call is 707 823-3888.

Posted by Jeffrey Schmidt

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