Personal Selling

People love to buy but they hate being sold.

Pushy sales people are avoided, joked about and will give your business a bad name. Developing relationships is painstaking, takes longer but ultimately bears more fruit for far longer.

Relationship selling is based on the premise that people buy from other people. The obvious exception is catalog or internet sales but even in those instances product descriptions and user experiences are relational in nature.

If you are involved with person to person sales you will be far better off creating a relationship first and keeping any "selling" on the back burner for a while. Get to know the person you are working with and let them get to know you.

A thousand studies reveal that buying is NOT based on logic, reason or rationality. Buying decisions are personal, emotional and are based far more on heart than head.

So do yourself a favor, develop a human bond with your clients.

For business managers who know they are going to need sales a year and a decade from now as well as tomorrow and next week; building a solid relational foundation with your clients is by far your best strategy.   

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