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A Course in Trusting Gut Instincts

Access Your Quantum Potential

Knowledge is power and yet creativity is far stronger as it is the source of your extraordinary Quantum potential. Exploring the personal guidance of instinct, intuition and direct knowing requires neutralizing the atrophy brought on by our modern, secular left-brain culture. Reversing this societal programming toward a posture of true creativity is a personal decision, which is entirely in your hands.

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Be in the first cohort, unlearn bad habits, save money and learn how to unleash your own unlimited Quantum potential.

Public or private talks as a beginning step

Gut instincts do not work on demand, however, when intentions are clear and an attitude of allowing is cultivated, small miracles visit you with astounding regularity.

 1 Hour Talk


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As this is a new program my speaking fees are waved until further notice.

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Group seminars for community learning

Often admired, seldom taught, gut instincts are available to all. 63% of business executives rely on gut instincts and science experiments have proven their validity.

12 Weeks Group Mentoring


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Personal training as a finishing school

Neglect your God-given gifts no longer, allow your instincts and intuition to guide your business and life. Steve Jobs created the #1 company in the world by doing so.

One Year Program 

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Commit to Growth

What Clients Say


“This process has produced huge dividends for our company…sales, marketing, operations, customer service and employee satisfaction have all benefited from our sessions with Jeffrey.”

John Parry Owner, Solar Works

“Jeffrey, I learned more from you in one hour than I have in 20 years of doing business. Thanks for a great seminar!”

Alejandro R. Torres Potting Shed Publishing

“Jeffrey helped me turn around a potential client I thought I had lost. The prospect seemed ready to schedule, but then hesitated. After some great coaching from Jeffrey, I called my prospect back and closed the deal. Jeffrey helped me recognize the buying cues I had missed – gave me several ways that I am comfortable with — to bring potential clients on board in the future.”

Richard Feather Anderson American School of Geomancy
Rebecca Nicholls CLONE-CircleWEB

“I came away feeling more confident about my new sales position. Jeffrey is very approachable. I feel enriched from being in his seminar. I liked the opportunity to clarify my approach with words and tone and felt very engaged all morning.”

Rebecca Nichols Realtor  
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
Jeff Rooney Head-Blue copy

“My work with Jeffrey was focussed on building a sales process. He provided fabulous to-do lists and consulting. The result was my sales doubled! He's a great marketing and sales consultant” 

Jeff Rooney 
Empowered Body Solutions

“I love Jeffrey. He has been a counselor and coach for personal development for years. With his wide range of experience and skill in personal coaching, personable style and professionalism, I would always recommend him and I know you will enjoy working with him.”
Greg Proefrock Architect


“I have experienced a major increase in my confidence to pursue new personal ambitions and attain higher professional goals thanks to Jeffery Schmidt! His background in Eastern philosophy and Western business practices enables him to communicate in ways that are simple to understand, yet deep and powerful.”
William Hazelwood President, Sojourna Productions

Steve Jobs: 
“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want. Everything else is secondary.”

Your Quantum Coursework 

12 Weeks

1) A new normal: your introduction to a whole new Quantum world. 

2) Access your powers of concentration and consciousness. 

3) Gaining confident in your ability to read Quantum signals. 

4) Watching self-talk: creating a foundation of self-nurturing. 

5) Revealing your invincible innocence.

6) Creativity tips from Edison, Einstein, Jobs. 

7) The basics of snake charming and why this skill is so important. 

8) Finding the faith that is deep inside you.

9) The importance of your words. 

10) Momentum. An often-missed key. 

11) Purpose: where all your intuitive signals are pointing you.

12) How far have you come? Let's review.