Tribal Leadership

The tribal leadership model is simple: it is a map of the five tribes that show up in groups of people everywhere. The model was born from a study of 24,000 people over ten years. Find out how the natural groups that have already formed in your organization is helping or hindering your progress.

Tribal leadership is a way to understand what kind of group mentality is at play in your organization, and in yourself. Becoming an effective leader requires introspection (see our Self Leadership page), an ability to communicate and an unwavering dedication to the values people in your organization agree upon.

Top leaders work hard to articulate values and then hire off of these traits first and foremost. Talent, skill and expertise come in a definite second. 

You can learn how to spot the tribes that are helping and hurting your team unity and cohesion. You can also learn how to build more effective groups into your company in a way that will feel good to everyone to enhance loyalty, support efficiency and drive profits.

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