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Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills? One way to do this is to take inventory of all the different internal parts of you that have a voice in the many paths you may choose to travel. When you start this process you are involved in "parts work."

Parts work is one of the most powerful, compassionate and useful tools for personal growth available. It helps us identify parts that over-function or talk too loudly. It also helps us listen to the internal parts of us that need more air time.

The most powerful aspect of this work is the perspective one gains when parts are identified and cared for as if they are friends. From this vantage point your true Self can set up a relationship with your family of parts that can arbitrate internal bickering, care for the wounded and align toward common goals. 

The formal name for this process is called: Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is connected with the Self Leadership Institute founded by Dick Schwartz. IFS or "Parts Works" as it is known is reshaping how psychotherapy is thought of and delivered. 

The diagram to the left shows our three major parts categories along with our spiritual center or Self

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