Reputation Management

If you are using your marketing to try to generate leads, nurture your prospective buyers, and then close those prospects, you will need a strategy to inform and persuade those people during each step of their journey.

Generating leads

80% of people using search engines on the Internet are gathering information, so when they find your site, you need to give them what they want — mostly “free information” that will satisfy their desire to make a wise and informed buying decision. If your information is good enough, you will be able to exchange it for the privilege of acquiring contact information that will allow you to keep in touch with your prospective buyer.

Nurturing leads

Remember, most people aren’t ready to buy on first contact. The information you provide during their search process will determine whether or not they buy from you. You must deliver information that is relevant to the needs and wants of your prospective buyers. If you have pinpointed the needs of your market, and if you give people unbiased, fact-based information on how you favorably compare with your competitors, you can expect your close rate to increase, leading to higher profits.

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