Your Elevator Pitch

Traditional marketing wisdom suggests you spend about 50% of your time and resources crafting the headline of an ad. Putting a lot of thought into your elevator pitch will pay similar dividends. 

Why so important? A provocative headline or "elevator" hooks your clients quickly — they’ll want to know more. Condensing your message into one short phrase is powerful.

In traditional or Internet marketing, your target audience needs to hear your story quickly and believe you are the person or company to address their needs.

Let me share a story with you. About 10 years ago I went to Macworld Expo — to have fun and look at all the new computer equipment — but also to purchase a carrying case and some other accessories for my laptop. It was a frustrating experience; I stood in the middle of Moscone Center, within view of about 30 vendors, and could not figure out what any of these companies did from the messaging on their banners.

Here I was, ready and willing to make a purchase, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for — even though I was supposedly in the perfect place, at the right time. It was a messaging problem. All these companies were trying to out-cool one another. The result: I literally did not know what these companies were about, or which way to turn to spend my money.

Make it easy for clients to spend money with you! Don’t make them figure out your nifty little slogan. Speak plainly and simply. “Cool and groovy” should spice your marketing meal but never replace the main course.

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