Self Leadership

Your most effective tool for sharpening your leadership skills is to develop your capacity for self leadership. Developing Self-directed impulses (Grace directed works too) is a critical step on this path.

Step One:
Take loving inventory of all your
 internal parts — the different voices, urges and fears that make up your inner landscape.

Step Two:
Engage in respectful dialogue with each of these aspects of yourself. Let no voice go unheard, Honor all your parts.

Step Three:
Notice when grace happens in this process — calmness, compassion, confidence, clarity, connection, curiosity and more. It is helpful (and joyful) to have a coach in this endeavor.

Parts work is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth available. It helps us identify parts that over-function or talk too loudly. It also helps us listen to the internal parts of us that need more air time.

This is a model for dealing with others in a leadership context and in everyday relating as well.

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